Epic®: An e-Procurement Platform that Lets Clients, Suppliers and DSSI Speak the Same Language - By Heidi Humphries, DSSI LLC

The advantages of e-procurement tools are widely recognized in the industry. From boosting productivity to controlling spend to having visibility into what each department or plant is buying, the benefits are immense. That said, not all e-procurement tools are created equally.

Some are designed specifically to help organizations facilitate mass sourcing projects and others enable regular RFQ processes. Some software is intended to handle the financial end of the process making invoicing and payment easier while others help manage supplier relationships and reporting. While most of these needs exist within indirect procurement organizations, not many platforms are designed to address them in a holistic approach.

DSSI's Epic® tool is a three-sided online portal that can easily act on its own to facilitate every part of the Source-To-Pay process, or seamlessly integrate with existing ERPs. Not only can Epic® host customer-specific e-catalogs and facilitate regular RFQ processes and spot buys, it can also incorporate and consolidate the invoicing and payment process adding efficiency to your organization along the way. All this is accomplished with the same item-level detail that allows you to know you are getting the best price every time on all materials – something that can get lost with punch-out applications or P-card transactions.

Epic's smartphone capabilities also allow for actions like RFQ creation and approval to be done on the go to make your operation run as efficiently as possible regardless of where you are!!

Because DSSI recognizes the significant value of suppliers in the process, they are directly involved in responding to claims, item information updates and RFQ responses directly through the Epic® tool. Learn more about how to transform your indirect procurement program with e-catalogs, online approvals and more by visiting DSSI’s Technology page or contacting us directly.