Accurate Item Purchase Data - By Heidi Humphries and Dennis Buckley, DSSI LLC

How do you know you are getting the best price / value if you do not know what you are buying?

MRO and Industrial Materials Purchasing involves millions of different SKU's, purchased from thousands of different suppliers & distributors, purchased by dozens, hundreds or even thousands of different employees within your company. This chaotic picture makes professional purchasing management very difficult unless you have the ability to really know what you are buying at a detailed level across your enterprise. Distributors will tell you what they call a particular item but it can be near impossible to competitively source 1,000's of items effectively when all the distributors have their own naming and numbering conventions.

DSSI's comprehensive source to pay processes and systems tools are designed to cut through this chaos by establishing and maintaining detailed item records at a manufacturer part number level and making sure you receive the correct best price from the best source every time you buy a particular item. This gives you the ability to effectively manage the chaotic environment of MRO. Learn more about how item master data improves every part of your indirect procurement program by visiting our Source-To-Pay page or contacting us directly today!